We boost your sales.
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By publishing on multiple sources and profitably selling world-wide with Cash On Delivery.

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How We Do It?

We combine media, cutting-edge technology, data and marketing to scale-up your ecommerce sales at faster speed than you ever thought possible.

  • Profitable Cash on Delivery

    Our Partners can collect their revenues from online payments and from the classic and still the most preferred method, even during the digital era: Cash on Delivery. There are millions of “pay-after-service” mindset shoppers out there we know how to engage profitably.

  • High-Performing Funnels

    We’ll create unique sales funnels based on our decades of experience and proved practices – that turn users into valuable customers.

  • Proprietary CRM System

    Proved to enhance efficiency and productivity, our CRM System ensures our Partners the sales processes are streamlined and continuously updated and monitored to maximize customer experience and average order value.

  • Data-Driven Optimization

    To maximize the sales volume and profit, we continuously run test to reduce randomness and uncertainty across all marketing stages: from the ad we display to the last-mile courier delivery.

  • Branding And Compliancy

    Products and Merchants Should be Built to Last. We generate customers not just sales. We aim for sustainable customer growth combining effective marketing with positive customer experiences.

  • Product Development

    Our team will help you to identify both long-term and hot products that outstand the competition.

  • Content And Creatives

    Perfect mix of copy, design and video! Hundreds of iterations will be tested until we know exactly how to attract and convert the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Accurate Tracking Solution

    From initial click to final sale, our real-time tracking system monitors and attributes every data point like a hawk. These insights are then used to optimize and improve your campaign’s performance over time.

Meet Our Marketing Partners

We have an exclusive network of publishers which use their experience, influence and reach to promote and sell your product to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Media Buyers

Online advertising experts who specialize in scaling product sales on online traffic channels such as FB, IG, Pinterest, Google Ads and international markets and only get paid for results


We partnered up with some of the best media agencies who normally charge merchants a retainer and percentage of spend – they promote our Brand Partners' products on a performance-only basis due to trust and our proven track record.


Influential people with trust and authority in their respective industry – their loyal followers on social media purchase products based on their recommendations.

Scale Globally & Across
Every Online Channel

Halexo advertises in +20 online channel and can deliver to +20 countries, with funnels & creatives are natively translated and country-tailored customer acquisition strategies.


We connect marketing experts to merchants and merchants to customers

Halexo is a Premium Marketing Network that creates result-based partnerships between Merchants and Marketing Partners. We have built a win-win environment that is profitable, long-term and sustainable for players involved.

For the Merchants